EV Charging Solutions

Leading EV Charging Solutions in the UK

Our vision: zero emission towns and cities. Everywhere.

We’re a leading provider of electric vehicle charging and sustainable energy solutions and technologies.

We work with local authorities, NHS Trusts, universities and businesses to create the infrastructure the UK needs to meet the 2050 net zero emissions target and prepare for the 2030 ban on the sale of new fossil fuel cars and vans.

Whether it’s electrifying fleets or providing destination charging, we’re committed to finding the future-ready solution for your organisation. We’ll take the time to understand your organisation’s unique goals and challenges, dig into the data – or gather our own – and find the most appropriate, cost-effective products and solutions.

If the solution to your problem doesn’t exist, we’ll work hard to invent it.

That’s our commitment to powering the future, now.

EV Charging Solutions

What sets Blink apart is our consultative approach. We’ll work with you to really understand what you’re trying to achieve.

For fleets, we use telematics to analyse your vehicle needs, the journeys you make, stops, break times, locations etc. For car parks, forecourts and destinations, it’s who’s charging, how long do they typically stay, what’s the grid capacity, do you need bay monitoring.

We understand what grants and funding might be available to you and how to apply. Or whether a zero outlay, fully funded model might be best.

Only then can we recommend the best overall solution for you. What types of chargers are best. Where they should be sited. What other products you might also need to get the most from them.

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Blink charging network
Blink Innovations

Designing and delivering appropriate charging infrastructure doesn’t end with the charger network. There are other practical concerns that need to be addressed to ensure the optimal and efficient running of the network and service delivery to drivers and owners. We consider the entire end-to-end system and the specific challenges it offers, and recommend tailor-made system solutions to meet them.

Blink EV Charging Solutions - team collaboration
Our Approach

A time of dramatic change. By 2030 you won’t be able to buy a new fossil fuel car or van. By 2030 there’ll be electric vehicle charge points everywhere. Today, there are relatively few. So the race is on to fill the gap. It’s a race we intend to win.

Blink Charging Funding Models
Funding Models

We support all our clients with funding advice and offer four funding models for the installation of their bespoke EV infrastructure. We build consultation and hands-on support into all our projects, ensuring you take full advantage of any available grants or third party funding available.