Our Consultation Process

Consultation, communication and bespoke technical electric vehicle charging solutions are at the heart of how we work and our client-led approach is a USP we are proud of.

We’ll interrogate your brief until we’re confident we understand the solution that’s best for you before designing a future-proof, tailored response to your immediate and long-term EV charging needs. We’re also here to help you identify and apply for any funding available to support your project.

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Client Led

We understand the bigger picture solution needed to achieve your immediate and long term objectives. We don’t stop asking questions until we’re confident we can create your perfect solution. We consider the entire roadmap to electrification, the specific challenges your organisation might meet along the way, and recommend bespoke EV infrastructure solutions to overcome them.

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Data Analytics

We invest in fact-finding to give us a clear picture of your unique requirements. For fleets, we use telematics to analyse your vehicle specifications, journeys, stops, break times and locations to build a tailored solution that works seamlessly for your organisation. For car parks, forecourts and destinations, we analyse who’s charging, how long they stay, the grid capacity in your area and which EV charging solutions are the best fit for your customers or residents. Whether fleet or destination, we create the ideal roadmap for your business.

EV Charging Stations and Solutions

Site Surveys

We undertake extensive and detailed site surveys and consider every element of a build or installation before it starts. We establish the technical requirements needed to deliver a seamless project from start to finish and ensure your EV infrastructure meets your immediate and future needs.

EV Charging Consultation Process

Site Considerations

From available power supply at the preferred charger locations, DNO flexibility and support, works access, level of potential disruption, dealing with the public or other site users, HSE, signage, community and user engagement and PR – we understand the entire process and can manage every aspect of your project. Our knowledge of potential issues, extensive experience planning and installing electric vehicle infrastructure, strong relationships with DNOs, ability to resolve problems quickly, and our safety record makes us the perfect partner for your electric vehicle or solar storage solution.



We’re innovators first and foremost, committed to a zero carbon future in towns and cities everywhere. When you work with us, we ensure complete integration with any other sustainability systems and processes you have in place, and challenge you to consider what you haven’t thought possible.

Blink Charging EV Charging Solutions


When you work with us, you’ll have our full commitment to ongoing maintenance and operation of our electric vehicle chargers. We have comprehensive Service Level Agreements covering operation, fault response and resolution times, so you’ll know you can count on us when things go right, and if they go wrong.