Brighton & Hove City Council Implement Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

All content on this case study was created prior to the acquisition of EB Charging by Blink Charging.


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Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) is committed to reducing carbon emissions to NetZero by 2030. Blink was chosen to create a reliable, sustainable, and future-proofed EV charging infrastructure.

What did BHCC do and what were the challenges?

BHCC applied for Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) grant funding and was awarded £486,000, the largest they had bid for to date. BHCC brought Blink Charging in for their EV charging knowledge and to run the project in its entirety.

What we did & what were the challenges?

Blink provided an end-to-end service and assumed full responsibility for designing, installing and operating a city-wide charging network. An extensive consultation programme was undertaken, gathering market intelligence on accessible infrastructure, local EV ownership, the best location for each charger, and the necessary number of chargers.

A challenge that had to be addressed within the project was how to engage taxi drivers.  After this was identified a solution was proposed to hold engagement forums promoting awareness running alongside an EVo telematics programme. Once the forums and telematics schemed ended, Blink collated the data comprising 25 individual vehicle assessments, presenting back emission savings, uptake, and location data to create a business case.


Blink Charging has so far installed over 260 charging units throughout the city.

The variety of chargers installed consisted of 200 lamp column charge points, replaced and upgraded 25 on-street fast charge points (7 kW), and installed 12 taxi rapid charge points in multiple charging hubs for Brighton and Hove City Council. We are also looking to expand iBay to the 30 designated bays for fast chargers across the city. iBay is a proprietary parking bay sensor and revenue protection system that alerts parking enforcement officers when a vehicle is parked in an electric bay without charging.

Blink took charge and managed the entire supply chain network involved in the project, successfully implementing a technology-neutral solution and ­­ integrating three different charging hardware types within our Charge Point Management System.

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