Blink EV Charging Innovations

Our commitment to a zero emissions future doesn’t end with our EV charging infrastructure or EV charger installation. We design and deliver a complete electric vehicle infrastructure, with a suite of products offering end-to-end solutions for a seamless experience.
We’re trusted by local authorities, NHS Healthcare trusts, universities and businesses to implement the EV infrastructure they need.
We consider the entire roadmap to electrification, the specific challenges your organisation might meet along the way, and recommend bespoke solutions to overcome them.

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This provides multiple bay protection and revenue management.
Its primary use is to alert parking enforcement officers when a non-electric vehicle is parked in an EV charging bay, but it can also be used to protect loading bays, bus stops and other restricted locations accessible to the public.

Blink Charging UK - Innovative EV Charging Solutions Desktop


Our analytics tool gathers telematics data from your fleet (or analyses your existing data) and identifies the feasibility of switching to EVs, the best locations for and types of chargers, and the operational savings and cost of making the switch.
We have a huge amount of experience engaging individual drivers, and support fleet managers with the education and communication needed to manage smooth transition to an EV fleet.

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We recognised the challenge for commercial drivers to charge up their EVs at home when they don’t have a driveway. Shift! installs a shared use charger on-street, reserved for exclusive use by an individual driver when they are at home, enabling them to book charging time that fits their work schedule. Shift! ensures the charger is accessible to the public outside of those reserved times – typically during the working day, when most drivers will be on the road.