EV Charging Solutions for Car Parks

In the UK we grew from a strong base installing chargers in local authority public car parks and on street. We leveraged those planning and operating skills to move into facilities run by specialist parking operators, including big, well-known brands who recognise and value the importance of a reliable service that augments their brand.

If the lower floors aren’t well served by mobile signal, we can install signal boosters, hard wire links or contactless payment options to enable chargers to operate – increasing the number of units you can offer and increasing your bandwidth. Literally.

Our ancillary services serve us particularly well in public parking. From our driver-focussed mobile app that allows regular users to set up a payment account, or occasional users to pay as a guest, to solid, state-of-the-art contactless payment for either payment app, bank card or RFID card use.

EV charging bay blocking by petrol or diesel vehicles is not only frustrating for EV drivers, but also a revenue threat to the car park operator. Our iBay product alerts operators that a bay is occupied with no vehicle plugged in. And our Shift! product in field trials right now will allow drivers to book charging bays for specific times.