EV Charging Solutions: Case Studies

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University of Derby promotes carbon footprint reduction with EV Charging Infrastructure across the institution

Executive Summary At the University of Derby, we are pushing the boundaries of knowledge to create a better, fairer and more sustainable future for everyone. Our thriving community of researchers, professionals and practitioners are influencing the creation of new knowledge and sharing their expertise. Our students are learning in state-of-the-art facilities. And we are playing

What Load Balancing means for EV Chargers?

Load Balancing also referred to as Load Matching or Daily peak demand reserve refers to the use of various techniques to store excess electrical power during low demand periods for release at a later stage when demand rises. Blink Charging utilises load-balancing solutions/systems across the entire family of chargers in our portfolio. The types of

Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust launches EV Charging Infrastructure with support from Blink Charging UK

The Vision Central London Community Health (CLCH) is committed to reducing its environmental impact and providing sustainable healthcare to ensure better health for future generations. To do this the trust wanted to embed a sustainability model of care and ensure its estates were as efficient, sustainable, and resilient as they could be. Elizabeth Hale, the

Bi-Directional Charging made easy

Bi-directional charging is the next stage in smart energy management. This new technology is also referred to as Vehicle-to-Grid, V2G, or V2X and was developed to increase efficiency, reduce energy costs, and ease the strain on the national grid. How conventional EV charging works Conventional EV charging works by helping energy flow to your vehicle.

Sussex Partnership Foundation install EV chargers across estate to support NHS fleet transition

The Vision As part of the NHS’ vision of reaching Net Zero emissions by 2040, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is committed to a Green Plan which is aiming to integrate sustainability values into the organisation and reduce carbon emissions. One of their goals involves evaluating the journeys and travel plans of their in-house transport

Q-park appoints Blink Charging as Europe-Wide charge point operator

Q-Park is a leading European parking owner-operator with over 677,000 parking spaces in over 3,400 facilities. They arrived in the UK in 2001 and are now one of the UK’s leading car park companies with over 70 parking facilities housing some 50,000 parking spaces in key locations in the UK with over 15 million visitors