EV Charging Solutions for Education Spaces

Schools, colleges and universities across the nation are increasingly waking up to their broader role in life education and living their values.

Students, staff and funders are looking to public and private sector establishments,  to set and attain net zero carbon targets.  And that is where transport electrification comes in. Whether providing charging for staff and student EVs, electrifying their house fleets or calling on student transport providers to decarbonise, the education sector up and down the country is gearing up for the change in personal transportation.

Every day, Blink helps educators make the transition to electric through pragmatic, future-focused charging infrastructure and energy management planning. Where there is external funding available, we’ll help you access it; we’ll even help build your business case to support your internal decision-making. And we’ll carefully help you plan your payment policy and revenue management to minimise the administrative burden for EV fleet drivers. We will also put in place safe,  convenient pay-as-you-go or account payment methods for regular private users.