EV Charging Solutions for Housing Developments

We love to be included in a construction project right at the start. At the outline planning and development stage. That’s the best time to plan in charger location and supply. It’s also the cheapest moment to install cabling for future network expansion. Nobody wants to dig up a car park if it can be avoided.

But we’re also very used to retrofitting in established sites. In fact, that’s typical for us, and has built our extensive experience in accommodating all the various moving parts and different organisations involved in an occupied site. Especially the skills required for dealing with Councils, utility suppliers, residents, security and the general public. We have pretty much seen it all.

We can be as involved as much or as little as best suits the situation. From the full turnkey solution for EV charging: consult – plan – install – operate, or any part of that offer, to a supply-only service where we source and supply one of the models we manufacture or one of the many we’ve tested and operate in the field as part of our network.