EV Charging Solutions for Workplaces and Offices

Blink’s experience in car park charging infrastructure means we’ve always been well-placed to support workplace charging. And as a zero-emissions fleet operator ourselves, we get that offering your colleagues a hassle-free means of getting charged up is one of the keys to a happy, productive team.  It also means we can have our people test out kit that’s in R&D; if they don’t like it, we’ll never install it for anyone else.

This first-hand experience has been invaluable in developing our workplace offer. Understanding who’s coming, what they’re driving, how soon they need to get away, what the site power supply is like, and what different payment models are needed. All critical factors. And all factors we’ve had to consider ourselves.

We also completely get that you may not own the building you work from. The car park may be owned by your landlord. It may be operated by a third party. A benefit of choosing Blink is that we’ve crossed all those bridges before. We are fully conversant with the different owner operator models that apply to modern business, retail and leisure accommodation, and are almost always able to create a solution that works. It helps that we offer a wide range of funding options, including supplier fully funded, that can mean no capital outlay is required by the car park owner.

We also know that you might wish to operate different payment models. You may prefer to offer some groups free or subsidised charging. Others you might expect to pay in full. With our range of payment collection options, combined with our powerful back office systems, you’re free to choose the combination of payment options that works best for you.